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Video Surveillance

Digital Video Recorder(DVR) is an equipment which digitally records multiple video signals- generated by CCTV devices. Images are recorded into Hard Disk Drive. DVR is based on personal computer architecture. Consequently, advantages of PC based DVR follows. First, capable of performing quick and easy access of video archive, you can search and display your incidents instantly by hours, minutes and even by seconds. Second, networking via internet by using network adapter or modem, DVR allows you to access CCTV images through internet. Enabling remote monitoring from anywhere in the world. Lastly, Data Transformation, one of the biggest advantages of PC is transferring and transforming data. Same rule applies to DVR; transfer video data by using CD-RW. This enables replay of video data at any location via PC.

Networking Monitoring System with Bi-Directional Audio and Site Control...
Eyeview delivers full-size digital video feature and performance in a small stand-alone web camera. It compresses image and transmits real-time video via network types, such as the Internet, corporate LAN, XDSL, ADSL, Cable Modem, ISDN or Leased Line.

 Platinum Series DVR, the Stability King !!
Platinum is the DVR that is built for stability as well as featuring high-tech functions. Platinum series DVR is built based on idea of maximizing stability to optimizing performance and it is the most trustworthy security product available yet. 

Video surveillance is absolutely necessary to secure a safe environment in the world today. Sony is one of the leading companies in CCTV Security Solution. Sony strive to offer world-class components that exceed the level required from commercial market such as airports, government center, shopping malls, arenas, banks and office buildings to personal individuals who want the safety and piece of mind for their family.


  • Sony Pan/Tilt/Zoom Network
  • High-Frane rate of up to 30fps
at 640x480 sized image
  • Integral 26X auto-focus
zoom lens
  • Panasonic Network Security
  • Day/Night feature
  • Built-in web server function
  • Simultaneous Ethernet &
NTSC output
  • Sony Color Mini Fixed Dome
  • Attractive and compact
design, rugged type housing,
high resolution,
  • an auto iris vari-focal lens.




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